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The WristWidget: a revolutionary way to treat TFCC tears

(pain at the pinky (ulnar) side of your wrist)

The Weight Bearing Test

This weight bearing test is essential to determine if you will benefit from the WristWidget.... read more

How to put on the WristWidget?

The WristWidgetTM is designed to treat your ulnar sided wrist pain due to your TFCC tear. It has... read more

How do you know it’s the TFCC

TFCC. Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex. What is it? More popularly known as the wrist meniscus...read more


European Trust Mark Emota

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  • One Size fits Most
  • Right and Left
  • Decrease Pain with Grip,Weight Bearing and Rotation- supination and pronation
  • US and International Patent 11/857,434
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